Welcome back, Blackout Party -- the local alt-country stompers return with a new single!
"...a chorus erupts that sounds like Dave Grohl went on a heavy bender with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers." [Read More...]
SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Records of 2011
A fun, rollicking rock ‘n’ roll record full of enough good times to fill a long weekend. There’s a sea shanty, some bar room rag, and rock-solid rock and roll throughout. It’s an album that highlights the band’s wide ranging talents and ability to write solid stand alone songs. Though when heard on a whole, it makes for a damn fine all around album.
ALBUM REVIEW: “Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed” by Blackout Party
Having already been named “Best Americana” at 2011’s San Diego Music Awards, this new set of songs should help push them beyond their hometown and onto the larger scene. Dispel your preconceived notion of what “Americana” might be and instead be ready for an album full of great tracks. [Read More...]
Til We're Old and Gray
The “Americana”-tagged Blackout Party also plays face-melters about mummies smokin’ weed. [Read More...]